Health communications 

Outreach that drives engagement

Our analytics help you reach every kind of member—from the engaged to the hard-to-reach—with multi-channel communications and smart campaigns that drive healthy actions and increase compliance. We pinpoint members who need prompting and will be receptive to your message. Whether it’s health system or health plan (commercial, Medicare, and Medicaid) outreach, our campaigns inform and motivate members to take action. 

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How it works

A better way to communicate with members

Whether it’s a set-and-forget campaign to prospects, text reminders to members about appointments, outreach for critical specialties such as cardiology and oncology, or prompting Medicare patients to increase screening compliance, all our communications engage and activate. Using our Analytics engine with 125 AI-trained models and data from 275M consumers with 800 attributes we can target those most in need and who are hardest to reach – so spending is optimized and gaps in care are closed.

How we engage 

Reach people in the right moment

We meet people where they are. We give them a more fulfilling experience by connecting with them through their preferred channels, including text, IVR, social media, email, direct mail. and more. Your people can personalize notifications, so they get exactly the alerts, advice, and prompts they need, and nothing they don’t. We also use social determinants of health (SDOH) data to anticipate immediate needs and communicate them. This curated strategy creates more results-driven engagement, removes barriers to care, and helps drive member retention.
increase in program engagement with data-driven outreach 

Motivate Medicare/Medicaid members

When communicating with Medicare and Medicaid members, we help reduce complexity and boost confidence. First, we get ahead of risks and anticipate individual needs, informed by our data-backed insights. We then prioritize and close gaps in care, helping members onto a healthier path. Regardless of a member’s age or demographics, we meet them in the moments that matter. Next, we identify ongoing issues, helping members receive the precise care they need—while improving their satisfaction. We also give members confidence in understanding annual changes in coverage and their available benefits. Which means better outcomes for them and higher Star Ratings and HEDIS scores for you.
higher activation rate than traditional methods

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