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With Personify Health, you gain access to a broad and complete partner program. We’ve done all the hard work to curate a comprehensive range of engaging, science-backed solutions for all your organization’s healthcare goals. We work hand-in-hand with respected ecosystem partners, health networks across the nation, and leading technology innovators. And if you’re a potential partner, we’re ready and eager to work with you.


More choices, more savings

We save you both time and money by vetting and negotiating best-in-class deals with a broad spectrum of partner solutions and healthcare networks, including everything from maternal health benefits to financial wellness. And we can help you create the right package of point solutions and technology integrations to meet your needs and goals.

How it works

Find what you need

Our integrated platform makes it easy to find the right partners to meet your organization’s goals. With everything in one place, you can easily find a particular solution or healthcare network. And our agile technology partners ensure our platform works smoothly for all. This level of seamless integration lets us do more for you.
Our analysis of your population’s needs includes understanding where your healthcare costs are higher and why. We recommend specific partners to help reduce costs, increase engagement, and help your people be healthier. You can choose as many partners as you need to address your people’s specific needs. With Personify and our partners, it’s not “one size fits all,” it’s “just what you need.”

A partner for every need

If you need a specific solution for a health goal, such as diabetes management or smoking cessation, or a health insurance network with operations on both coasts, our partners are here for you.

Who we serve

We’re here—for all of you

Whether you’re an employer, a health plan or system, or a broker or consultant working with a client, you deserve solutions that truly fit your needs—and the needs of the people you serve. With Personify Health, we’ll take you from “this will do” to “this is it.”


We help you give your employees more (with less effort). Which means you can make cost-effective decisions based on real analytics and deliver on your health and wellbeing strategies.

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Health plans

Our personalized solutions delight members and drive bottom-line impact through increased performance (including conversion, engagement, compliance, satisfaction metrics, and more).

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Health systems

We help you build effective campaigns to reach new prospects and retain current members—so you can meet your revenue and utilization goals. All while planning your next big growth move.

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Brokers & consultants

Our platform offers everything from highly engaging programs to concierge service and personalized advice. With Personify Health, you’ll ensure your clients get all that they need (and nothing they don’t).

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