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We’re Personify Health — the first and only personalised health platform. Helping businesses like yours empower their people to meaningfully engage with their health and wellbeing.

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Who we are

We’re changing how healthy happens

Personify’s comprehensive platform equips all kinds of businesses (and people) with personalised, connected, and powerfully simple health and wellbeing solutions.

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Connecting the disconnected

Seamlessly integrated solutions offer a simple experience for you and your people. You’ll get a full range of health and wellbeing solutions — all in one place.

Rejecting one-size-fits-all

Your people have unique wellbeing needs and goals. Every employee gets a tailored experience delivered at scale.

Designed to engage

We use science-backed methods to create engaging experiences that actually motivate your people to manage and sustain their health and wellbeing.

Turning insights into ROI

Get in-depth – but anonymised – reporting on how your employees are tracking across key areas of health and wellbeing. Prove the real impact of your investment.

What we do

Our solutions help people lead healthier lives

We inspire, empower, and engage businesses and their people to make achievable but meaningful changes in their regular routines. It’s time to make a measurable impact to help your people lead healthier, happier lives.

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Trusted by leading organisations everywhere

7,000+ organisations, including 25% of the Global Fortune 500, in 190 countries and territories trust Personify Health. We deliver solutions that truly fit your needs and the needs of your organisation.

Our partners

High-quality, integrated solutions for wellbeing

Our partners programme leads the industry in depth and breadth of expertise. We work with best-in-class partners to broaden your choices for health and wellbeing experiences that meet (and exceed) your expectations.


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