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Securing employee benefits for one person is tricky, and here you are, seeking the perfect plan for an entire organization. With decades of experience as a third-party administrator, Personify Health helps employers optimize their health spending and helps brokers recommend powerful solutions to their clients. Our personalized service, simplified claims adjudication, and clear spending tracking helps employers get the most from their plans while helping member populations stay healthier at a lower cost.

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We bring all your health and wellbeing benefits together. We provide unparalleled plan personalization that focuses on your needs as an employer, like network flexibility. For your employees, using Personify’s platform is seamless and simple. And our enhanced claims adjudication with our clinical programs can deliver savings—averaging 19% lower allowed costs.

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Real savings with third-party administrator services

The pressure to reduce healthcare costs is constant; we’re here to help. Our transparent health plan administration approach includes case management, claims negotiation, subrogation, claims audits, payment integrity, and stop-loss reporting—all driven by our analytics and insights. We carefully assess claim accuracy and reimbursement eligibility with a rapid turnaround. Our nurses review claims for medical necessity, and our quality assurance team audits high-cost claims to find savings while maintaining high standards of care. They can also quickly detect fraud and abuse. 
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Better outcomes for members

Maximizing the value of a plan means maximizing the health of its members. Our third-party administrator services help provide continuity of care and greater health equity through utilization review, case management, condition management, and industry-leading wellbeing programs. Certified nurses and coaches give clinical expertise and support. Our network partners give organizations more choices and more ways to customize both plans and spending. Our flexible plan design ensures every plan meets an organization’s goals—and drives better outcomes for members.  
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We provide full transparency into plan performance—for today and for what comes next. Our integrated health plan administration experience includes benchmarks to identify improvements, analytics dashboards to measure efficiency, and an extensive library of detailed reports. Our predictive modeling forecasts outcomes and recommends actions. We empower employers with data and insights to refine plans, adjust spending, avoid waste, and align health plans to budgets and goals. And our interactive tools look ahead to both emerging trends and risks. 
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Our network partners program leads the industry. We work with best-in-class partners to help manage benefits and claims more effectively. 

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