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Drive Health Outcomes with a Personalized Experience


High cholesterol and high blood pressure contribute to several complex and costly chronic conditions, like hypertension or cardiovascular events. Helping consumers address these underlying conditions by engaging them with personalized support is an effective way to drive behavior change, improve health measures and lower healthcare costs.


Most consumers know that high blood pressure, high cholesterol and being overweight are not healthy. But changing habits that contribute to them is hard.

Organizations are investing in physical activity and/or nutrition programs to help. Unfortunately, they are finding that simply offering them as generic, siloed programs is not enough to drive meaningful health outcomes.


Personify Health makes it easy and fun for at-risk members to participate in physical activity and nutritional programming by:


Personify Health successfully engaged and drove sustained participation in physical activity and nutrition programs. Sample actions consumers took included:


Decrease in high blood pressure

Estimated healthcare savings per year per participant:


Decrease in high LDL cholesterol

Estimated healthcare savings per year per participant:


Pounds lost over 6 months

$319 savings by changing from overweight to normal weight
$2,068 savings by changing from obesity to overweight to normal weight

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