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How Toyota uses Personify Health to bring together benefits and support their entire population

Culture & employee experience

Toyota uses Personify Health to support their commitment to employees, retirees, and their families

Olga Leal has been in the wellbeing space for 15 years, leading very robust programs before Personify Health. What makes Personify Health different is that together, Toyota is now able to do things that they haven’t been able to do before. She attributes Toyota’s success to the user experience and features available with the Personify Health platform.

Integrating benefits for easy access

Toyota leverages the Personify Health platform for health risk assessment, health and wellbeing activities, financial wellness, and physical and emotional health, and also uses the platform to bring 25 vendors into one place for employees to access different benefits offerings easily.

One employee experience that goes beyond the workplace

Toyota’s Startwell program, powered by Personify Health, has 80,000 participants eligible for the program – from active team members, retirees, and dependents.

Percy Expression

“Personify Health has been a great partner. We’ve been able to do things that we hadn’t been able to do before, and we just continue to make it better and better.”

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