Success story

Employer reaches 90% enrollment in critical wellbeing program

Member engagement


A worldwide technology and consulting firm sought to drive employee engagement with available total wellbeing resources. With nearly 80,000 employees and 40 wellbeing resources offered – theirs, Welltok’s, and third-party options – it was essential to educate employees about the platform, and encourage registration of the Benefits Overview Program – a critical primer to help employees understand the wellbeing resources available to them.


The employer leveraged Welltok’s consumer activation platform to organize key employee resources, target communications for various population segments, and make it easy for employees to complete relevant and rewarding programs.

Through an innovative partnership model, the employer was able to implement a cohesively branded platform experience and understand their population at a deeper level. In this way, they could deliver value to their employee population while increasing engagement and meeting key business objectives.


Across 2018, Welltok co-branded 21 campaigns with 123 distinct emails to ensure messages met employees where they were in their well- being journey. These emails drove an over 83% adoption rate with the platform, and an over 90% completion rate for the Benefits Overview Program. Additionally, the employer increased awareness of priority resources including a financial wellness assessment, step challenges, recorded webinars, and various programs integrated via Welltok’s platform.


Employee population registered for the platform


employees completed the Benefits Overview Program (employees with an HSA)


clicks on top-20 wellbeing resources


distinct emails sent across 21 campaigns to drive deeper personalization