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How Personify Health’s approach to client success delivers for Accenture

Culture & employee experience

Julie Wilkes, Accenture, shared that the greatest plus of working with Personify Health for any client isn’t just one thing. It is the whole model that Personify Health has designed. The upfront team assigned to each client is a wonderful team comprised of multiple people with different abilities to serve that team.

Suppose Julie needs someone to help her solution for a problem, or day-to-day person to make sure everything is running smoothly, or a strategic person that can help her look to the future and create a story for her leadership team. In that case, she is supported by Personify Health’s client success team. Because together they are solving problems and looking at what’s important to Accenture, Julie feels the partnership to accomplish the next best thing that will help the employee experience.

The flexibility of Personify Health technology

Julie and her team, appreciate the flexibility of the Personify Health platform. From modules that support a holistic approach to content and next-best actions designed to support everyone. Julie shares that as an employer, the ability to bring in solutions and benefits, or remove those that no longer serve the population, is critical to the entire employee experience.

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“The greatest plus of working with Personify Health for any client isn’t just one thing. It’s the whole model that Personify Health has designed.”

Sharing the success stories with the C-Suite

When Julie’s leadership team needs to know information, turning to her Personify Health client dashboard enables Julie to tell the story of wellbeing at Accenture quickly and in real-time. She doesn’t have to wait for reports or annual reviews; rather, she can help the C-Suite know exactly what is happening now and how it compares to last year or even last month to make improvements in the employee experience.

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