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How Agravis developed a centralized approach to health and wellbeing

Culture & employee experience

Agravis is a German-based agricultural company with more than 6,000 employees across 400 sites, including blue and white-collar workers. They provide agriculture trading services, including consulting, retail stores and wholesaling to their commercial business

A Personify Health client since YEAR, they leverage our VP Go solution to provide their diverse workforce with a more holistic and unified approach to health  and wellbeing across their entire population and locations.

Through Personify Health, Agravis has seen significant results in their employees overall health and wellbeing, including social connectivity, physical and mental health, productivity and more.

Client at a glance


  1. Creating a holistic approach to wellbeing supports and connects a diverse workforce.
  2. Providing your employees with fun and interactive programmes drives engagement and participation.


To provide their diverse workforce with a more holistic approach to health and wellbeing instead of offering various programmes and initiatives across its site locations.


By using Personify Health’s solution, Agravis developed a centralised approach to its wellbeing program. They connected their expansive workforce through wellbeing programmes that appealed to their needs and helped them achieve their goals.

Partnering with Personify Health to provide Agravis employees with resources that fit their needs

Developing a holistic approach to wellbeing

Instead of providing programmes with varying resources and tools, Agravis developed a holistic, centralised approach to wellbeing. Employees have access to personalised recommendations, challenges, and a community of support to help them to improve their overall health and wellbeing.

Engaging employees through the power of fun

Personify Health provided Agravis with fun and interactive programmes for their employees. Depending on their goals, employees can participate in a variety of activities and challenges that encourage them to interact with their peers and have fun together.

Creating a community across a diverse workforce

Agravis’ workforce was easily connected through Personify Health. Through destination challenges and social features, employees can communicate and compete against one another regardless of their location.

Results & Impact


of employees are more aware of their overall health


Increase in employees who tracked their activity levels


of employees expanded their knowledge of their daily eating habits

Want to improve your company culture and create a holistic approach to wellbeing?

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