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How a Construction Organization leverages Personify Health to engage their diverse workforce in health and wellbeing

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Construction company creates a culture of care to impact suicide and mental health

Faith Technologies Incorporated is an organization in the construction industry that faces high levels of suicide and mental health concerns among its employees. To address these issues, Faith implemented a health and wellbeing program that focuses on creating a culture of care.

This program aims to remove stigma, encourage regular check-ins with coworkers, and provide employees with two paid hours per month of recharge time. This time can be used for self-care, seeing a mental health practitioner, attending mental health training, or anything else that promotes a healthy headspace for a safe and productive work environment.

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“Our employees are all over the country, and so being able to have a platform, mobile app, and health coaches in a one-stop-shop has really been impactful and crucial for us to engage employees. “

Currently, 90% of employees take advantage of this benefit, with 95% of field employees utilizing it monthly.

Faith Technologies places great importance on supporting each individual’s unique needs in their wellbeing program. Instead of checkboxes, healthy habit development is encouraged and rewarded.

This mentality is instilled from day one, as new hires receive a Max Buzz fitness device and are onboarded into the Personify Health platform.

This integration into a culture of wellbeing provides employees with the hands-on resources they need to succeed both in their work and personal lives. 

Watch a panel discussion with Faith Technologies, Toyota, and TMNA Services as they discuss the impact of health and wellbeing as a sustainable workforce strategy →

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“Having health coaching as part of our program has been really impactful for our employees, especially the proactive outreach that Personify Health does to our employees.”

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