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Corteva’s Próspera Global Wellness Program Gives Employees a New Lease on Life

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Corteva’s Commitment to Growing Progress Around the World and Within Its Organization

Corteva Agriscience™, the only major agriscience company completely dedicated to agriculture, has spent over two centuries developing deep knowledge and diverse resources so that farms around the world can flourish and continue to grow. Their values to enrich lives, stand tall, build together, be curious and upstanding and live safely, apply to not only their customers but to the people of their organization. Corteva’s global wellbeing program, Corteva Próspera, literally translates to Corteva – heart and nature and Próspera – to prosper, speaks to their mission and is the foundation in which they have approached wellbeing at their organization.

They have built their programs with many goals in mind to ensure holistic support for their employees such as to engage members in a global and inclusive program that sparks intrinsic motivation through personalized activities and a simplified experience, reduce population health risks and improve healthy behaviors and create a culture of total-wellbeing through workplace wellness and location-based activities. The combination of this approach and their commitment to an inclusive wellbeing strategy has garnered incredible engagement and utilization of these programs, generating real outcomes for their employees around the world.

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Corteva Employees Turn to the Próspera Wellbeing Program for Support

In February 2020, a Corteva employee received the heart wrenching news that he had developed Type 2 Diabetes. Having been unaware that his health had deteriorated this badly, this news was a significant wakeup call for the District Sales Leader. In addition to developing diabetes, his doctor warned him that his other health concerns, including high blood pressure and cholesterol, could also become more severe unless he made serious changes in his life. With his wife and five children at the forefront of his motivation, he knew that it was time to get healthy for not only himself but also his family. At the height of this anxiety, he underwent wisdom teeth surgery and used the downtime during his recovery to research ideas on how to improve his health and that’s when he turned to Corteva’s Próspera Global Wellness program for help. A year later, his results are remarkable, and he has decided to share his story to help inspire other colleagues.

Percy Expression

“I want to give others hope and remind people that you can accomplish anything if you fully commit and put your mind to it.”


Getting His Health Back on Track by Tracking His Progress

Corteva’s Próspera Wellbeing Program, powered by Personify Health, enables employees to manage all aspects of their health all in one place – which is exactly what this particular employee did to get his health back on track.

Corteva leverages Personify Health’s Live Coaching solution to further support members looking for a 1:1 relationship with a coach that will help guide them on their unique health journeys with ongoing support across behavior change, lifestyle and condition management. This employee says that he leveraged the live coaching specifically for assistance with his diet in addition to tracking within the Personify Health platform.

Additionally, he attributes his success to taking advantage of Personify Health and benefit dollars so that he can “use the tool to continue investing in” himself. Corteva leverages Personify Health’s rewards and incentives capabilities to provide additional motivation to take action within the platform. Members are rewarded from doing the simplest activities such as reading daily cards to completing challenges and making doctors’ appointments. Currently, 81% of Corteva’s U.S.-based employees are earning an incentive for completing activities within the platform, helping them make long-lasting healthy habits that lead to positive health outcomes. He attributes his success to other areas within the platform, including:

Percy Expression

“I knew Corteva had provided us with a great online program that I could use to track my health and habits. It is incredible to work for a company that provides a resource like this and it helped me stay committed on my journey to better health.”

*The Max Buzz is a daily activity tracker that tracks steps, sleep, calories burned, distance traveled and active minutes Max Buzz also serves up notifications and applause, helping you earn rewards in the Personify Health platform.


“From February to May of 2020, I made the change to a 95-100% plant-based diet and began walking/running three miles every day. In that time, I lost 40 pounds. When I visited my doctor in May, he was in complete shock. He thought he had the wrong blood sample and said he had never seen such a transformation.

I was able to take so many health issues out of the equation – high blood pressure, high cholesterol and reversing my type 2 diabetes. The numbers on my blood panel even astounded me. My blood sugar improved by 58%, my cholesterol improved by 37% and my A1C (which indicates pre-diabetes) improved 31%.”

Percy Expression

“The changes that I made were working. These results gave me my peace of mind back.”

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