Building a Robust Employee Wellbeing Program: Your Path to Healthier, Happier Employees

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What could your workforce do if people were at their healthiest?

At Personify Health, we believe great health outcomes start with a greater understanding of people.

A strong employee wellbeing program goes beyond the surface of wellness; it delves deep into the individual needs of your employees, cultivating a supportive environment that empowers them to thrive.

By investing in the wellbeing of your employees, you’re not just promoting a healthier workforce—you’re fostering a culture of care, connection, and vitality that ensures a brighter, healthier future for all.

Here are four essential components of a robust wellbeing program:

1. Emphasize self-assessments and education

A comprehensive program should prioritize employee buy-in by incorporating self-assessment tools during the onboarding process.

These tools identify individual health risks based on family history and current habits. Based on the results, the program should offer tailored education modules addressing specific risks or health challenges. A well-designed wellbeing program equips employees with tools and challenges that empower them to adopt healthier habits that will be most impactful to them.

2. Embrace digital platforms

A strong wellbeing program must leverage digital capabilities, enabling members to engage through mobile apps or computers 24/7, at their convenience.

Digital programs are cost-effective and easy to implement, minimizing employers’ administrative burdens. A key feature should be seamless integration with wellness tracking devices and popular apps, such as Apple Watch or Fitbit.

3. Prioritize transparency

Your wellbeing data should be for your discovery.

Look for a program that includes a digital administration portal that provides employers with transparent access to employee engagement and utilization data. This transparency empowers employers to make data-driven adjustments and tailor the program to their population’s needs and behaviors.

4. Foster engagement opportunities

Wellness programs should offer exciting individual and group activities and challenges that encourage employee participation.

The primary goal is to promote social connections through group challenges. Engaging activities employees find fun and valuable serve as motivation to maintain healthy habits over time.

One Personify Health client, a financial institution, successfully engaged hard-to-reach populations with a robust health and wellbeing program. By implementing personalized challenges, coaching, and health checks, they saw increased employee productivity, energy levels, and pride in the company culture.

74% of employees were actively engaged in the program, creating over 2,500 Personal Healthy Habit Challenges in the plan year.

A comprehensive wellbeing program is most effective when integrated with a preventive care program that includes case and disease management. To optimize benefits, savings, and employee health, consider partnering with Personify Health.

We offer an extensive range of services and vendor partnerships, such as patient advocacy, pharmacy benefit management, and clinical care management. These services provide you with valuable data to drive cost-effective health outcomes, supported by wellbeing initiatives, preventive care, and informative algorithms that identify individuals in need of additional support.

Collaborating with Personify Health enables you to achieve savings by self-funding your health plan while minimizing the impact on your human resources or finance teams.

Our focus is on enhancing employee health through our clinical care management programs and wellbeing initiatives, all while reducing costs through efficient claims management, proprietary analytics, and streamlining the care management process with single-contact solutions and a user-friendly online experience.

We saw a future where all things health come together in a singular experience. And now, we’re making it happen.