Success story

Financial institution engages hard-to-reach populations with robust health & wellbeing program

Culture & employee experience

Supporting all employees’ health & wellbeing

Providing a program that supports and rewards their members throughout their journey

Background & Goals




Overarching Strategy




63% of members earning an incentive

56% of members with social connections

74% activity Average engagement (+18% higher than benchmark)

68% nutrition Average engagement (+15% higher than benchmark)

56% mindfulness Average engagement (+21% higher than benchmark)

13% higher monthly engagement for Coaching participants

Culture & Satisfaction

67% of members are more proud of their company culture

82% of members are more aware of benefits

74% of members would feel disappointed if they could no longer use Personify Health

Health Check

95% of members completed at least one question

79 out of 100 average health score

Improving Performance

69% of members are more productive

64% of members are more energetic

Case study context to help you enhance your Homebase for Health®

Healthy Habits

Challenges & Inspires Better Health

• Boost motivation and keep employees engaged using impactful and holistic team-based challenges with topics that range from mental health to sustainability

• Build Healthy Habits with fun and social wellbeing challenges to foster a sense of community among participants


Person-to-person support that helps members thrive

• Focus on choice, trust, and rapport to foster meaningful change with healing modalities that integrate body-mind-emotion-spirit-environment

• Members can self-enroll, easily schedule appointments online, and meet with the same coach each time

Health Check

Recognizes members’ changing health, needs, & interests to motivate them on their journeys

• NCQA-certified health assessment offers members a fresh look at their lifestyle choices and personal health

• Educates them of their health risks and guides them to improve their health and wellbeing with personalized recommendations