What is a Consumer Activation Platform?

A consumer activation platform helps you drive actions that matter, like getting a vaccine, scheduling an appointment, selecting insurance coverage and more.

Consumer activation platform vs one-off solutions

One-off solutions, like a stand-alone email database, SMS text solution, generic direct mail and IVR are disconnected. It takes a lot of work to connect the dots and provide an integrated experience for consumers. And forget about analyzing results!

On the flipside, a consumer activation platform integrates rich data, predictive analytics and multi-channel communications to engage consumers with personalized and timely outreach. It’s a more efficient use of limited resources and provides better, measurable results.

Why do you need one?

In a world of increased isolation and distractions, getting and staying connected to consumers is a top priority for organizations invested in people’s wellbeing. However, the integration of a consumer data activation platform ensures a seamless connection between consumer data and meaningful engagement, fostering a stronger relationship between businesses and their clients.

The right consumer activation platform helps you drive actions that matter while dramatically reducing the time, cost and effort required to achieve measurable results.

When NOT to use a consumer activation platform

Engagement is not activation. Activation goes one step further and a customer data activation platform can transform that engagement into measurable results, such as getting a vaccine or scheduling an appointment. A consumer activation platform isn’t a good fit if you’re still focused on vanity metrics like clicks, opens and impressions. If your team wants to measure real consumer actions, then you’re ready to explore a consumer activation platform.

What should your consumer activation platform do?

Incorporating an employee activation platform into your consumer activation platform can enhance each engagement strategy, ensuring each team member’s efforts are both recognized and aligned with the company’s objectives.

There are 7 things your consumer activation platform must do:

  1. Ingest any enterprise or mid-market client’s data pertaining to consumers, validates and enhances it, storing it in a secure, common data store that maintains a “single view of the consumer” across all interactions
  2. Analyze large databases to predict the optimal target audiences of consumers based on needs, interests, desires, likelihood, etc.
  3. Engage target audiences of consumers using a fully integrated multi-channel methodology (up to 9 digital and offline channels) to reach a consumer and drive them to take specific actions
  4. Maintain accounting and reporting of intended consumer actions and their value (e.g., went for a walk, sought care, filled an order, got financial advice, etc.), including real-time and offline reporting
  5. Ensure the highest degree of security and privacy through robust set of accreditations from HITRUST, HIPAA Info Security, Privacy Shield, SOX, The Validation Institute, and others
  6. Deliver value-based activation solutions to any market as self-serve/turnkey and solution as a service
  7. Power all consumer activation solutions by a single, cloud-based, integrated software platform to enable a common consumer data store, machine learning, predictive analytics, multi-channel engagement, security and privacy, and reporting and real-time dashboarding

It’s crucial to drive all consumer activation solutions by a single, powerful data activation platform, to enable a common consumer data store, machine learning, predictive analytics, multi-channel engagement, security and privacy, and reporting and real-time dashboarding.

How to get started

Welltok is the consumer activation company. We have over a decade of experience getting people to take actions that matter. Our resume includes things like:

As the award-winning consumer activation company, we know what it takes to drive action. That’s why healthcare organizations and others trust Personify Health to activate their populations in meaningful ways.

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