Privacy is Paramount: Does Your Security Pass the Test?

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Disclaimer: Virgin Pulse and HealthComp are now Personify Health

When it comes to data security, it’s no longer a question of if a cyber-attack will happen and how will you prepare, but a matter of when it will and what defense you have ready to prevent, detect and respond to threats.

As we’ve adapted to a virtual setting, maintaining health data privacy and the protection of medical and healthcare data is more critical for organizations than ever before. Because healthcare data is incredibly personal, there is both an ethical and legal obligation to keep consumer health information secure and safe.

There is a heightened awareness for protecting this data. However, this year, a shocking 40 million patients records have been compromised. And rubbing salt in the wound, the healthcare industry experienced the highest cost of a data breach for the 11th year in a row, increasing from $7.13M in 2020 to $9.23M in 2021.

We might not be able to predict when the next cyber-attack will occur, but we can all do our part to step up our security initiatives and practices.

Here are some tips from Personify Health’s security experts for maintaining data security in healthcare:

Personify Healths’ security can help you bring these tips to life.

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