Success story

Predictive Modeling drives new patients to a new Primary Care Clinic, Earning $7.3M in Total Charges

Health system marketing
Healthcare marketing

Client at a glance

Texas-based hospital with 5 acute-care hospitals, specialty hospitals, imaging centers, community health and wellness programs, ambulatory services, and medical offices.


After opening a new primary care clinic across town, the hospital wanted to promote it to local patients and prospects to drive patient acquisition growth for those nearby that need services.


New patients from campaign


Overall response rate


New patient total charges from campaign


Leveraging Personify Health’s solution, the hospital identified current patients (without a primary care physician) and non-patients, 30- 64 years old, with a high predictive score for primary care utilization living within a 5–10-mile radius of the new clinic. The list was further segmented by applying a profitable payer filter to target current patients with commercial insurance, managed care, or if they’re a profitable payer (for those with an unknown insurance type), allowing the hospital to target a total of 10,124 households.

Next, the hospital partnered with Personify Health to deploy a 6”x9” postcard mailer to promote its new clinic and physicians with a clear call-to-action that encouraged recipients to call or visit their website to make an appointment. For a campaign to be effective, it’s not enough to send a postcard. The client needed the ability to target profitable patients and prospects who have coverage, need a primary care physician, and who can pay. Personify Health’s Predictive Modeling allowed the hospital to reach 83.8% (2,070) of the 2,470 downstream responders since they had commercial or managed care insurance.

Why a profitable payer filter matters

Our Predictive Model enables a client to target patients or prospects with coverage and a positive payer history.

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