Leveling Up Your Member Experience

There are a lot of reasons health plans focus on the member experience – to boost member engagement, satisfaction, healthcare outcomes and member loyalty – but what’s the best way to do this, and where should plans start?

We asked our health plan experts a few key questions about how to level up your member experience. Here are their answers.

What’s the relationship between member experience and member engagement?

Great question because a lot of time it feels like the chicken and egg—which comes first? Here’s one way to look at the relationship between member experience and member engagement.

The more positive the member experience, the more likely a member is to engage, now and in the future.

Got it: member experience and member engagement are intimately related. What are 3 things a plan should do to boost member engagement?

Reaching and engaging members in a personalized way can do a lot to boost the member experience. Here are 3 things to do to improve your member engagement strategies:

How can I improve the member experience faster?

With technology like what Virgin Pulse offers, plans can quickly launch and conduct personalized outreach at scale, driving higher engagement and boosting member satisfaction. We do this in several ways:

Ready to get started?

Virgin Pulse helps health plans of all sizes create a meaningful member experience by providing personalized support and engaging messaging with members through multi-channel communications. Our proactive and innovative approach to member experience nails the key touchpoints that drive stickiness and member loyalty, with up to 90% accuracy.

Let’s talk about how we can help you level up your member experience too!