Committed to convenience of their customers, Wawa understands what it means to have something for everyone and has embedded this notion into the foundation of their business.


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About Wawa

Why Personify Health

Voted as the #1 convenience store with plentiful healthy options, Wawa was looking for a way to engage their 45,000+ employees and create an inclusive environment with wellbeing. 

Through their partnership with Personify Health, Wawa has embedded wellbeing and DEI into the essence of their company culture with our collection of resources, journeys, coaching, and wellbeing platform.

Together, we’ve achieved impressive results:

Wellbeing as a Strategic Differentiator

With a core value of doing the right thing, Wawa knew that caring for their people’s mental and physical wellbeing was mission-critical.

They not only see wellbeing as something that motivates people, brings them together, and helps them accomplish their goals but also as a strategic differentiator that makes Wawa a great place to work.

Beth Finkle, Wellbeing Leader at Wawa, recognizes that understanding employees beyond their job titles is essential in fostering a culture of inclusion, leading to belonging. She notes, “we need people to feel well in order for them to be more inclusive.”

With the help of Personify Health and our team of client success managers, Wawa’s wellbeing and DEI strategies are no longer separate silos, but rather integrated solutions working in sync toward the same organizational goals.

Leading With Wawa Innovation Networks

Wawa understands the importance of investing in their people and leaders. Wawa Innovation Networks (WINs), their employee resource groups, are effective platforms for building leaders and contributing to employees’ professional development.

“The primary goal is building leaders…Wawa is very passionate about investing in their people,” said Beth Finkle. Wawa’s Innovation Networks are just one of the many ways they boost engagement and create a more equitable and inclusive organization for all their people. 

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“We need people to feel well in order for them to be able to be more inclusive.”