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How TIAA leverages Personify Health to engage employees

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TIAA uses Personify Health to engage employees

Emily Sharpe shares that with Personify Health, TIAA increased enrollment and engagement. Before, they would have engagement here or there throughout the year, but now the majority of employees are engaging monthly with the Personify Health platform. TIAA goes beyond just blood pressure, food choices, and meditation; they focus on supporting their employee’s holistic needs. TIAA recognizes that what happens during the work day then goes into their home. And what happens at home comes back into the workday. By focusing on whole-person wellbeing, they help employees show up in the workplace with the right mindset and energy for the day.

Digital and in-person wellbeing support

The accessibility the Personify Health platform provides for TIAA’s corporate employee wellbeing program ensures everyone can access health and wellbeing, regardless of location. TIAA also supports employees with health coaches and wellness coordinators that are an extension of the HR team, and focus on building relationships in their office locations. They focus on building trust peer-to-peer and with the resources available to them.

Easy for employees and program admins

As the administrator, Emily shared that the Personify Health platform technology for HR and wellbeing teams makes it easy for her to administer the program and reduced her time spent in excel spreadsheets.