Success story

How Dow leverages Personify Health best practices to engage their global workforce​

Culture & employee experience

As a global manufacturing company, Dow has 40,000+ employees in 60 countries. Dow believes in putting people first and enabling their people to use their unique perspectives and backgrounds to find new ways to solve challenges and exceed customer expectation in an environment of inclusion, diversity and integrity.

Employee Survey Results


Very Satisfied/Satisfied with Personify Health


Would Feel Disappointed if they could no longer use Personify Health


Feel more confident in their ability to manage their health & wellbeing


Developed positive daily habits

Dow’s program design

Game Design: Points & Levels quarterly game

Rewards: $700 incentive ($40 for completing Health Check + $660 in points and levels)

Devices: Device subsidy for US, 30 credits ($30) for OUS to get a device (one-time)

Percy Expression

“Dow’s biggest ambition is to be innovative, to use the digital capabilities of our partner, the expertise coming from Personify Health and the ability to integrate that to reach the global scale with one tool is huge”

Opportunity: Create an integrated, one-stop health and wellbeing program

Before starting with Personify Health in 2021, Dow’s health and wellbeing program comprised of multiple vendors and made for a disjointed experience for their members. Dow looked to Personify Health to streamline and integrate their program into a single platform. Within its first year, Dow realized the true value of having a comprehensive program for their globally diverse workforce.

Percy Expression

“We can empower everyone based on their own goals. So, we need to offer a robust tool and, in this case, that’s Personify Health. It offers people the chance to do what’s important to them. I love that about the portal, the ability to personalize. That’s paramount.”

Solution: A people-focused program through Personify Health’s best practices

Foundational strategy Dow’s program is founded upon Personify Health best practices and a points and level program design:

Best practice program design:

Dow’s program is founded upon Personify Health best practices and a points and level program design:

Total population health coaching:

US-based Dow members have personalized, 1:1 Coaching for support with improving their lifestyle, conditions, or navigating difficult changes in the workforce.

To ensure members hear about Coaching, Dow uses Personify Health communications best practices, like:

Dow expanded their wellbeing program by adding partners. They reward their members for using:

Results: Meaningful program impact that’s made the difference

With only one year of Personify Health under their belts, Dow has already seen an incredible impact on their organization. Employees already feel more confident in their ability to manage their health and wellbeing:

Enrollment & Engagement

Total Population Health Coaching

Social Connection & Mindfulness



meQ’s Resilience Indicator Index

This leading indicator represents an employee’s average improvement on their lowest 4 factors, like stress management, empathy, positivity, & emotional control.


Of employees feel Dow cares about their wellbeing by offering the portal


Of employees say offering the wellbeing portal makes Dow a better place to work

Percy Expression

“Leaders need to walk the talk. These are human things that we deal with. We all want to stay fit, and we all need to stay healthy. This is a great way to get out there and have some competition and get to know your team better.”