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Data & Marketing Automation Boosts Event ROI 79:1 for New Medicare Members

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Illinois-based acute care community hospital with 133 beds.


The acute care community hospital wanted to build relationships and drive volume by offering “Welcome to Medicare” events to individuals turning 65, but they needed a time-efficient and cost-effective way to do so.


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Personify Health’s embedded data and automation tools enabled the hospital’s Marketing Department to set up an automated process to pull a list of individuals to invite to their weekly free events and deliver postcards promoting the events.

First, the list was segmented to individuals living within the hospital’s primary service area, who are currently 64 years old, and will be turning 65 within the next three months. Each invitee list was “capped” at 275 and pulled twice a month to manage event capacity.

Next, the hospital developed a 6”x9” postcard to promote the events. The postcard included details about a free consultation on Medicare benefits and information
about a VIP lounge for those 60 and older. After generating the lists, they’re sent to a production facility to print and deliver the postcards.

After spending 30 minutes to create the program within Personify Health, the acute care hospital’s Marketing Department was able to automate the process to avoid spending unnecessary time managing the events’ promotion process. Through Personify Health’s Touch Point Reporting feature, the client was able to track attendees downstream. Through Personify Health, they could see who attended their free Medicare well-visit within their first year of turning 65 and just as importantly, who hadn’t yet. For those who hadn’t, Personify Health enabled them to follow-up in a timely fashion to ensure they were taking advantage of that benefit.

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About Personify Health

Personify Health is a personalized health platform that helps health systems acquire profitable patients and increase profitability. We supercharge multi-channel campaigns with the AI-powered technology and consumer data that health systems don’t have, plus support from skilled experts and real-time reports that show immediate value. Our market-leading health CRM is trusted by marketing and strategic teams to drive growth for high-value services and new providers, and boost patient acquisition.

How Touch Point Reporting works

Included in every subscription, Personify Health can take in your data in just about any form – a huge value add! Need to track an event to see how effective it was? Maybe your fitness center members? Or how about your foundation donors? Or how effective is your call center and getting conversions from prospect to patient? Personify Health can help you with any of those and so much more. This client uploaded their event lists and Personify Health matched attendees back to encounters in their data, specifically tracking at the code level for the Medicare Annual Wellness visit. They were also able to input their event costs and Personify Healthautomatically subtracted them from the financial metrics so they could see true ROI.

Pinpoint the most profitable patients for immediate growth

We supercharge multi-channel campaigns with the AI-tech and consumer data that systems don’t have, skilled experts, and real-time reports to show immediate value. Our market-leading health CRM is trusted by marketing and strategic teams to drive growth for high-value services, new providers, and boost patient acquisition.