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A better way to wellbeing

Designed to personalize your wellbeing offerings so everyone benefits – and integrated into a single personalized health platform that people will want to use.

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When people witness their health improve and feel like they’re part of a supportive community, it changes how they view wellbeing, their workplace, and their health plan.  

Personify Health takes a personalized approach to help your people make small changes – with big results. With motivational and meaningful programming, challenges, journeys, and incentive management, we turn daily healthy habits into long-lasting, sustainable improvements. We simplify, personalize, and connect the experience and enable the right partners so that your organization sees the results you want to see. 

Connect with our wellbeing experts to build a personalized solution for your organization’s needs. 

Life-Changing Member Experience

“The numbers on my blood panel astounded me. My blood sugar improved by 58%, my cholesterol improved by 37%, and my A1C improved 31%.”

– Member, 45-year-old male  

“Wellbeing means different things to different people. Virgin Pulse, now Personify Health, allows us to address everyone’s wellbeing needs with a consistent platform in a way that is accessible to everyone, wherever they are in the organization.”

– Vice President, CHRO  

“Our entire organization is committed to making it easier for people to achieve their best health. This isn’t possible without connecting with members on an individual basis and providing information on access to care, resources, and tools in ways that work for them.”

– Associate Vice President, Large National Health Plan 

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