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Navigate healthcare without any detours

Healthcare is complex. We believe navigating health should be simpler, and that starts with connecting the disconnected.

We’re making managing health less frustrating

We know many people feel overwhelmed by the details of healthcare. We prioritize each person’s unique care and health education needs by joining their journey and meeting them where they are. They’ve got questions, we’ve got answers to what’s covered, what specialist is best, and what it’ll cost. Members can receive the best, most personalized, and most cost-effective care possible with our navigation, health, and advocacy experts. 

This more connected and easy approach increases member satisfaction, improves cost savings, and leads to better outcomes. 

Connect with our health navigation and advocacy experts today to build a solution so personalized it feels like you built it yourself. 

Life-Changing Member Experiences

“I was surprised at how effective coaching was for me. My biggest takeaway was realizing I had anxiety. I never knew what the symptoms were and always thought it was everyone else and not me. That was pivotal for me in the process. It [helped] me realize what I was doing on a subconscious level to manage a state I was not ever aware of. I now recognize it and make different choices or just observe. It has been a life changer.”

– Mental Health Coaching Participant – 2022  

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