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Our partner ecosystem seamlessly enables you to choose from a collection of integrated partners in a one-contract buying solution. Choose from the most sought-after partners in categories like mental health, nutrition, family health, physical activity, and more.
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Aaptiv is a comprehensive employee wellness benefit that provides a range of features designed to help employees improve their health and fitness. With access to a fitness network of over 17,000 premium gyms and studios, hyper-personalised adaptive digital fitness plans, and 8,000+ on-demand audio and video workouts, employees can work out anytime, anywhere, and in any way they want.

ALAViDA provides specialised substance use content and features that adapt to the individual’s needs in a confidential, approachable and stigma-free environment. Employees get access to prevention, detection, treatment and family support for substance use, all from a single, smart platform with a proactive care team specialised in substance use and accessible rapidly and seamlessly from the member’s device.

Personalised care for every fertility and family-building journey 

Cleo provides the personalised family support parents and caregivers need to address and get ahead of challenges both big and small. 

Enrich is a personalised financial literacy digital solution that provides financial management education, increases employee productivity, reduces employee financial stress and measures financial literacy efficacy.

Gympass offers access to gyms, studios, and a suite of online classes so members can stay active and well wherever they are. Through the corporate benefit, members will be able to choose among different plans and activate the one that fits their need.

Headspace is a science-backed mindfulness-based mental health benefit that creates lasting change for organisations looking to improve employee happiness and workforce performance, and cultivate a culture of mindfulness.

Koa Health is a digital wellbeing and therapeutics solution that combines the latest clinical research and breakthrough technologies to deliver mental health support that is accessible, personalised and effective across a range of mental health conditions.

LifeSpeak is a digital well-being solution comprised of expert-lead video-based programs and an opportunity to chat with live global experts to ask topic-specific questions. LifeSpeak has a broad array of topics, designed to support employees and their family members on the issues that are impacting them at work and at home, ranging from mental health, stress and resilience, to physical health, nutrition, financial well-being, relationships, and much more.

Lumen is the world’s first hand-held metabolic device that has been scientifically proven to accurately measure metabolism to help identify what fuel source your body is using and how your nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle impact your health. Lumen removes the guesswork and gives members personalised nutrition recommendations to help them reach their health and wellness goals.

meQuilibrium is a personalised resilience building experience designed to help tap into one’s full potential. Members will learn skills to manage stress, bounce back from adversity and control emotions and behaviours in hard times.

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